With over 64 years of Leadership in the Cayman Islands, we are eager to deliver outstanding service to you!

Personal Clothing & Apparel

Dry Cleaning

We understand that not all types of clothing are made the same, and our services are tailored to each specific type of fabric. We know the difference between delicate and heavy-duty, between fragile and coarse, and this understanding allows us to clean all types of garments with spectacular results. Whether it’s a shirt, suit, skirt or dress, you’ll love that fresh and clean feeling that only Puritan can provide.

Our dry cleaning services are not only aimed at cleanliness, it’s also attuned to the environment. We are a green business and our operations are fully environmentally-aware and eco-friendly.

Shirt Service

With our state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff, we are able to provide expert shirt finishing. All your shirts and blouses will be clean and crisp so you always make a bold statement. Whether it’s a dress shirt or a business casual blouse, we know the right amount of starch can go a very long way. And as always for an extra charge, you can get med or heavy starch for a more crisper feel.

At Puritan, the presentation of your shirt is just as important as the behind-the-scenes processes put into it. After our finishing touch, we neatly fold and box your garments so they leave a lasting impression. Always.

Leather Cleaning

Our Eco-Friendly equipment allows leather cleaning to be a gentle process leaving furs and suede fluffy and odor-free. Trust your favorite winter coats and cool bikers jackets to Puritan.


Take a break and leave this mundane task to us. Puritan will have them back neatly folded and smelling summer fresh.

Alterations / Resizing

What good is a clean shirt with a missing button? Or a fresh, spotless dress with loose stitching? We know how much your garments mean to you. After all, isn’t that why you have them professionally cleaned?

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preserving Keep Sakes

Help save this momentous life event by having your cherished wedding dress secured for years to come by using a method that Puritan has been doing from the start.

Professional Cleaning : Hand Bags, Caps & Hats

You can leave your delicate items of clothing and accessories in Puritan’s experienced hands to restore their original brightness and cleanliness.

Restaurant & Hotel Services

Bulk Laundry

Linen Rental

Valet Service

Customers Owned Goods

Table Napery Rental